This is very important

This is very important! When sending or bringing in your documents to have your taxes prepared please do not leave out any of your income for the year! All of your income is reported to the IRS so leaving some income off now to qualify for a bigger refund can catch up with you immediately if the IRS adjusts your taxes, or later when they adjust them and send you a bill. It does not matter if you did not pay taxes on the income received, it still has to be reported.

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was down to 20 returns, processed 10 and now have 25 to file this week!

If you still need to file, give us a call 909-574-1737. The deadline is April 18th this year but returns can still be e-filed until October 18th. There is never a penalty if you qualify for a refund.

If you owe you must pay by April 18th to avoid penalties and late fees. Can't pay the total amount at once? We can set up payment arrangements with IRS for you (as low as $25 a month depending on the amount you owe).